Greg Vance

Leadership Council Chair


Greg grew up in Dover, graduated from Dover High School and raised his family in Dover as well. He has been a member at Winfield for many years and has served as the Leadership Council Chair through many changes and transitions. 



Melissa is married to Greg, the mother of 6 and grandmother to 7 wonderful kids. She has been a member at Winfield for almost 25 years. She is also an RN and serves on the board of the Tusc Clinic for the working uninsured. She has volunteered in many capacities at Winfield and is currently serving as treasurer.



Bob has been a member of Winfield since 2021. He attended the church where Pastor Josh previously served and came to Winfield when the two churches merged. Bob also serves as the treasurer for the WCC Men's group.



Perry has been a member of Winfield for many years and has served in many capacities. He and his family grew up attending Winfield. Perry is well known for his recurring role as Jesus in the Jerusalem Walk live drama. 



Kathy has been a member since 2014.  "I feel I was purposefully transplanted here when I met my husband and have felt right at home since.  I've enjoyed watching our boys grow up in the youth group and look forward to what part WCC plays in the future of other kids in our community" 

Bob Machan

Christian Education

Bob has been serving at Winfield Church in several capacities for many years. He has been through many transitions both in the church and in his life since he was saved at the age of 12.  Bob has been married to the love of his life, Wanda, for 69 years. Bob now serves in overseeing our education department. 




Pat has been married for 43 years to Kathleen. He has a 40 year old son, Andrew. He was a mail carrier for 37 years and has been a boy scout for 56 years! Pat and his family started attending Winfield in 2017. 

Ralph Sundheimer


Ralph has been attending Winfield for 3 years.  He has been married to his wife Lois for 9 years He has 2 boys from his first wife who passed in 2013. Ralph has served in many church roles over the years including Sunday School Superintendent, Trustee, Deacon and Elder. Ralph loves to worship the Lord and is currently one of our personnel representatives on the leadership council

Skip LeMay


Skip graduated from Dover High school and served as a Captain in the Special Forces in Vietnam.  He then went on to become a police officer and a business owner. He also worked with Foster kids for 22 years. He has been married his wife Rita for 39 years during which they had 3 children and now have 4 grandkids and a great grandchild. Skip enjoys his church family and is learning to study the bible in depth.